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MEL Colombia - Musica En Linea

MEL Colombia

What's the Mariachi?

When speaking of mariachis, we all come to head an idea, the soundtrack of Mexico. And no wonder since it is a musical tradition that has been passed down from one generation to another, becoming famous even outside its borders.

Just hearing the vihuela, guitar, Mexican bass guitar or trumpet combined with lyrics that speak of the deepest feelings of the soul makes one transport to their country of origin.

The Origins


According to various studies that have been done about it, the original mariachi consisted only by strings and gradually began to incorporate other until we know today. Although nothing is written about it, it is believed that at the beginning of this genre so much had been spread globally, small groups of people, dressed in various instruments enlivened meetings, christenings, family parties and weddings.

Everything indicates that it was born in Jalisco, Mexico, but that is not unique to that region but was eventually dispersing from Alta California to Oaxaca through the entire Pacific Coast, reaching the states of Michoacan, Nayarit and Colima.

The First Mariachi

Some experts in this genre and after several studies on the subject say that it is from 1531 when mariachi groups began to be born as we know them today.

The research shows that it was Fray Miguel of Bologna who founded Cocula in Jalisco, and began his evangelization in this region which led Spanish religious music to begin mixing with the native. So in conclusion, you could say that it was born of the union of these two genres.

What are the most famous mariachi styles and when was first recorded?

Among the best known are those of the Sierra del Tigre, and Tecatitlan of Cocula. According to several studies, the first reference of a mariachi group dates from 1905 when Coculense Quartet recorded the first records of mariachi music under the direction of Justo Villa, back in 1906.

There are several theories. In one of them, it is said to be following the arrival of the French. When the soldiers realized the parties that Mexicans rode around the wedding, they were surprised and began to call it ‘mariage" which in French means wedding, and then, gradually and eventually becoming until the word ‘Mariachi’. Of course, there are several studies that show otherwise since the arrival of the French came later.

Main Characteristics

•    The basic musical instruments of mariachi group are trumpet, guitar, harp, violin and bass guitar.

•    As it is clear from tradition, the musicians wear a dress inspired by the Mexican cowboys consisting of a hat with large wings, embroidered vest and pants. Currently, they are black or white.

•    It is a group of 7 to 12 people, although there is no limit for it.

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